K-12 school districts, colleges, and universities

Protect students, faculty, and staff from ransomware and other advanced threats.

Provide a safe and secure computing environment—both on and off campus.

Modern literacy requires a digital education. Campus-wide broadband and 1:1 computing deployments were underway long before COVID-19 and the emergency transition to remote learning. Digital transformation expanded learning opportunities but also created pathways for online bullying, cyberattacks, data theft, and more. The post-pandemic lockdown phase of education is an opportunity for schools to reimagine the way they deliver instruction. The safest way forward is to build with security in mind.

Barracuda can help protect students, faculty, and staff from criminal attack.

Email Attacks

Malicious email attachments can lead to ransomware and other costly attacks.

Website Attacks

Automated attacks on school websites can disrupt school business and interrupt student learning.


Criminals can encrypt data and threaten to leak student records if schools do not pay.

BYOD and 1:1 Device Security

Protect students and enforce security policies regardless of device location.

Safe Computing Environment

Provide a safe, policy-driven learning environment to all students.

Data Protection

Protect student records and other data from human error, hardware failure, natural disaster, and other unexpected events.

Colleges, universities, and K-12 districts are target-rich environments.

Data breaches reported by educational institutions since 2017

Online vendor Strike Inc (formerly K12 Inc) misconfigured a database and 7 million K-12 student records were exposed.

Several universities were victims in the Accellion breach, which resulted in the exposure of Social Security numbers, academic transcripts, medical records, research grants and employment contracts.

27 universities were targeted by Chinese nation-state actors who were looking for maritime technology being developed for the military.

* Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 2017 - 2020


Over 90% of attacks start with a phishing email.

Criminals use phishing emails to trick your users into disclosing login information or installing malware. Barracuda provides industry-leading protection to secure your email and keep students, faculty, and staff safe from these attacks.

Our solutions help you:

  • Stop attacks before they arrive in the inbox
  • Recover student data after an attack or accidental loss
  • Protect school budgets from fraudulent email scams
  • Train faculty and staff on phishing defense

A safe learning environment requires safe computing.

Ransomware and other malware can infect your network through social media or compromised websites. Microsoft Security Intelligence reports that most devices in the education sector have been infected by adware or backdoor trojans. This can lead to stolen credentials, ransomware attacks, and public exposure of sensitive school data.

Our solutions help you:

  • Block inappropriate content and applications
  • Protect devices from web-borne threats
  • Enforce content policies on and off campus
  • Monitor network and user activity

Take control of
your network
and applications.

School networks are expected to be secure and available at all times. You need to ensure reliable connectivity to authorized users while preventing criminal intrusions, automated attacks, and configuration errors. Barracuda’s network and application security solutions help keep resources available to authorized users and secure from intruders.

Our solutions help you:

  • Provide secure access for authorized users
  • Stop ransomware and other advanced threats
  • Block DDoS, credential stuffing, and other automated attacks
  • Detect and prevent network intrusions

Secure your budget from cybercrime.

Recent headlines have administrators wondering if their budgets could withstand a successful cyberattack. In addition to the money paid for a ransom or fake invoice, victims also pay for downtime, stolen data, and post-attack recovery and remediation. The costs of an attack continue well into the future when valuable research is stolen, or compliance-dependent funding opportunities are lost.

Our solutions help you:

  • Maintain compliance to avoid fines and protect funding eligibility
  • Protect student records and other valuable data
  • Optimize internet bandwidth and staff productivity
  • Reduce costs with innovative licensing and deployment

Protect your students, faculty, and staff.

Contact us to discuss your security needs or to arrange a demonstration or free trial of any Barracuda product.

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