Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Rugged

Ensure security and 24x7 uptime of operational technology (OT).

Operational resilience is at the forefront.

OT systems are usually the crown jewels for organizations. They are core systems for value and revenue creation. If they go down, they cripple operations. When asked for the top risk management areas, organizations prioritize operational resilience.

Threats are on the rise.

Cyber risk to the manufacturing sector is increasing, led by disruptive cyberattacks impacting industrial processes, intrusions enabling information gathering and process information theft, and new activity from adversaries targeting industrial control systems (ICS).

Specialized security skills remain in short supply.

Organizations continue to face acute and growing shortages of OT security skills to foster IT/OT integration and securely support digital transformation efforts.

The OT landscape is evolving.

Business stakeholders continue to require significant changes in network connectivity between existing OT systems and information-focused IT systems that use OT data to gain competitive advantage, optimize uptime, and develop new products and services.

“Securing our systems at the highest technical level is an indispensable must-have. With Barracuda Networks, we have found a partner who enables us to operate our factory out of the cloud without any worries and with low maintenance costs.”

Prof. Dr. DI Robert Merz

Head of Research Center Digital Factory,
University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg

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Securing operational technology.

Running a 24x7 production floor with hundreds of production cells that all need to be protected, segmented, and connected requires a management platform to centrally hold configuration files and licenses. OT deployments need the robustness to cope with significantly longer product life cycles and highly regulated security and safety requirements.

Barracuda offers highly secure, compact, and rugged devices for advanced network security, encrypted communications, and cost-effective connectivity.


Purpose-built hardware for industrial environments.

Hardware requirements include enhanced ingress protection (IP) levels, shock and vibration resistance, and extended range of operation temperature and operating humidity. Plus, the firewall needs to fit into the switchboard cabinet. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Rugged appliances are the perfect fit for these requirements. They are compact and robust, providing full next-generation security functionality and supporting industry-specific SCADA protocols and sub-protocols.

Transparent micro-segmentation and isolation.

Micro-segmentation of a factory floor is a must-have from a security standpoint, and the more granular it is the better. This ensures that when a product cell is due for maintenance or — in the worst case — is compromised, all other product cells can remain active. In other words, the possible attack surface is smaller when micro-segmentation is done right, and the risk of costly production downtime is effectively mitigated.


On-demand secure remote access.

Complex machinery requires occasional maintenance or control windows by the manufacturer. For security reasons, access to these devices must not be enabled at all times. Instead, access should be enabled on demand by the production cell technician. Every Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Rugged provides the option to enable remote access on demand, temporarily and self-expiring, via a simple-to-use application or web-based user interface.

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