Support services

Because your time is valuable, we always connect you with a support professional — not an automated system.

Technical support options

Available support subscriptions for your Barracuda SaaS or hardware solution. Always 24x7, never any phone trees.

Enhanced Support

Enhanced support is included with a SaaS solution or Energize Update subscription and provides 24x7 technical support via phone, live chat, online portal and e-mail.

Premium Support

Premium Support ensures that your network is running at its peak performance by providing the highest level of 24x7x365 technical support for mission-critical environments. A dedicated Premium Support Manager and a team of highly-skilled technical engineers provide fast solutions to high-priority support issues, ensuring that your Barracuda solution maintains continuous uptime.

Professional Services

Professional Services provides comprehensive onsite and remote services to accelerate implementation and maximize the effectiveness of your Barracuda solutions to better secure your business without the need for additional internal staffing, training or maintenance.

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Features Enhanced Premium Professional Services
Energize Update Subscription Required Required
Term 1, 3 or 5 years 1, 3 or 5 years
Support operation hours 24x7 24x7
Response time for critical issues 2 hours 30 minutes
Support initial contact Level 1 Level 2/3 Consultant
Firmware maintenance
Resolution of technical questions
Software issue inquiry
Access to product documentation
Configuration guidance
Feature requests
Access to BETA programs
Live transfer (critical issues)
Support case prioritization
Priority escalation to resolve critical issues
Root cause analysis (upon request)
Proactive notification about resolved software issues
Planned event support
Service level agreements
Premium support manager
Monthly check-ins and reports
Proactive ticket evaluation
Configuration review (upon request)
On-site assistance
Project support and planning
Configuration assistance
Product training
Product quickstart
Software upgrades
Platform migration
Health checks
Customized installation

Hardware support options

Available subscriptions and add-ons for Barracuda physical appliances to support your evolving business needs and challenges.

Hardware warranty

Included with all hardware purchases, Barracuda’s hardware warranty guarantees that up to one year from delivery, your hardware will be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

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Instant Replacement

One hundred percent uptime is important in corporate environments, but sometimes equipment can fail. In the rare case that a Barracuda product fails, Barracuda ships a replacement unit on the same or next business day. And by means of the Hardware Refresh program, we ensure that customers benefit from the latest hardware improvements and firmware capabilities.

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Schedule 5: Support Services Terms

In addition to the General Terms, the following terms govern Customer’s use of the Barracuda Support Services.

This Schedule sets forth the terms and conditions under which Barracuda will provide Customer with Support Services.

1. Technical Support Options.

1.1. Support Service Benefits. Barracuda’s Energize Update Support Service includes the following benefits based on the level of technical support purchased by Customer:





Energize Updates

Premium Support


1, 3 or 5 years

1, 3 or 5 years

Support Operation Hours



Response Time for Critical Issues



Support Specialist Tier

Level 1

Levels 2/3

Firmware maintenance

Resolution of Technical Questions

Software Issue Inquiry

Access to Product Documentation

Configuration Guidance

Feature Requests

Access to BETA programs

Live Transfer (Critical Issues)

Support Case Prioritization

Priority Escalation to Resolve Critical Issues

Root Cause Analysis (upon request)

Proactive Notification About Resolved Software Issues

Planned Event Support

Service Level Agreements

Premium Support Manager

Monthly Check-ins and Reports

Proactive Ticket Evaluation

Configuration review (upon request)

Barracuda reserves the right to modify the Support Services offered at any time, but no such modification will go into effect until the end of the then-current Support Term. Support Service offerings may vary by Product and geography. Please refer to the Support Plans and Packages Website for the most current Support Services descriptions.

1.2. Phone Support. Barracuda will handle any problem involving Products over the telephone or email.

2. Hardware Support Options.

2.1. Instant Replacement Timeframes. For Customers residing in the United States, Barracuda will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship Customer a new Product within twenty-four (24) hours of Barracuda’s confirmation that replacement Hardware is required. For Customers residing outside the United States, Barracuda will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship Customer a replacement Product via express mail within one (1) business day of Barracuda’s confirmation that replacement Hardware is required. In some regions, Customer may be required to purchase Instant Replacement at the time of Product purchase.

2.2. Additional Instant Replacement Terms:

2.2.1. In some regions, after four (4) continuous years of Instant Replacement service, Customer will receive a replacement unit at no additional charge.

2.2.2. Instant Replacement must be purchased within sixty (60) days of initial order of the system to be covered.

3 Exclusions. The following are expressly excluded from the Support plans:

3.1. Repair or replacement of Products that is required as a result of causes other than normal use, including without limitation:

(i) Repair, maintenance or modification of the Product by persons other than Barracuda’s authorized personnel;

(ii) Accident or negligence by the Customer;

(iii) User error or misuse of the Product; or

(iv) Causes external to the Product including, but not limited to, failure of electrical systems, fire, water damage, hardware failure, operation system software failure or any other damage and failure not caused by Barracuda.

3.2. Maintenance or technical services for any third party software or hardware, where such third party software or hardware was not provided by Barracuda.

Revised: March 1, 2020